Design 1: Population Data

In this design workshop you will sketch multiple solutions to visualize the world population data.

Submit one document as a group which contains the analysis, sketches and the reflection with the final visualization. Your sketches must be done by hand with pen and paper! You submit your assignment as a A4 pdf file by pushing it into your Github repository (each member of the group should have a copy of it in her/his repo). You will also present the submitted document during next workshop, so that you get feedback from the other groups and the instructor. Preparing slides for the presentation is not necessary.


Time: ~30 minutes

Take a look at the population data.


Time: ~40 minutes

Design four alternative visual representations for representing the data and the uncertainty in the data. Consider different scales, both for time and for population numbers. You should design for an interactive system, i.e., you should not assume that you have to fit all content onto paper. Please take the theory from the video lecture on Graphic design into account. Here are some points you should consider:

PART 3 - Group Reflection

Time: ~60 minutes, or as long as you like. Take your analysis and ideas and discuss your priorities and all your designs. Can you find a consensus which visualization is the best? Come up with one visualization that you agree is ideal.