Design 3 - Github Commit Graph

In this design workshop you will sketch multiple solutions to visualize the commit graph and the branches of a git repository. Submit one document as a group which contains the analysis, sketches and the reflection with the final visualization. Refer to the video on Trees and Networks and to the Heer’s article Reading 3 for the theoretical support.


Time: 20 minutes

Take a look at various Github Network Graphs. Here are two examples 1, 2.


Time: 30 minutes

Design two alternative visual representations for the Github Network. You should design for an interactive system, i.e., you should not assume that you have to fit all content onto paper. You can refer to Heer’s article Reading 3 for the examples of network visualizations, browse D3 website, and feel free to use any other sources.

Here are some questions to consider:

PART 3 - Group Reflection

Time: 40 minutes, or as long as you like.

Take your analysis and ideas and discuss it again. Can you find a consensus? Come up with one visualization that you agree is ideal. Reflect on the process that you went through to come up with your final design (refer to the video lecture: Process for inspiration on design process).